Feldenkrais Forums

Learning Together Through Collaborative Inquiry

A Study Group for Feldenkrais Teachers & Trainees


Facilitated by Zoran Kovich  MSc, Certified Feldenkrais Trainer

Established by Rada Millwood and Zoran Kovich in 2004, Feldenkrais Forums have offered Feldenkrais Method teachers and trainees a regular place, time and convivial atmosphere to meet and collectively explore the myriad aspects involved in personally and professionally practicing the Feldenkrais Method. 

Refreshments & nibbles provided


Mats and all equipment provided

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Sessions February to December 2019

Session times 1.30pm to 4:30pm

Teachers (Syd. metro region)  $25 per session

Teachers (outside Syd. metro region)  $15 per session

Trainees $10 per session

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