"I've tried many different approaches. Lessons with Zoran are a wonderful experience. He's attentive, and with you all the way."    G.D. Public servant

"It's like he really listens to you, and then interacts with you until you experience exactly what you're after."     

F.G. Actor

"I was a teacher for 40 years. Zoran is an excellent teacher, the kind you're lucky to find."

M.H. Retiree

"In the works I make I aim for personal connection in the moment. The way Zoran works with me profoundly resonates with what I value in my creative process.     

R.N. Choreographer, dancer

"Zoran's your man if you're looking for someone who really knows and does the Feldenkrais Method."     

D.S. Builder

"I sing so much better after a session with Zoran."

A.W. Tenor

Zoran Kovich

Feldenkrais Method teacher, Trainer, Educational Director

Cultivating Emotional Balance teacher. Lecturer

MSc Cognitive Science, BA Dance, BA Social Science

Director of the Mindful Action Studio, Zoran is a highly experienced, knowledgable somatic educator specialising in the Feldenkrais Method since 1988.

Zoran's aim is to enable you to thrive. He doesn't treat or cure. Instead, Zoran crafts situations in which you experience within your body what you need to know in order to do well in life.


By actively engaging in this process of mindful, embodied learning you start to re-discover physical possibilities, restore emotional dignity, and respond more flexibly and wisely to life's challenges.


With over 35 years experience in the field of Somatic Education, Zoran will draw on all he knows to enable you to accomplish what you want.


Zoran offers private lessons as well as public classes and events.


Contact Zoran today and discuss ways he can assist you.